Unsolicited Compliments

Attorney – Colorado Bankruptcy

 He's an expert in the field. I refer my clients to him. My colleagues refer clients to him. We do this because he knows the magic… He can generally work magic in a few months.

 Aurora – Yared

 I really am feeling much better after contacting you for your advice. Thank you so much.

Colorado Springs - Glenn

 . . . you are separating the myths and the straight facts concerning credit. It is very refreshing to see the truth without a hidden agenda trying to sell me something. Keep up the fine work!

Denver-Barb & Bob

 . . . Due to the low, low rate mortgage you were able to swing for us, we're financially comfortable now & never have money-related stress to worry about any more . . . We still try to watch our spending, however, & we seem to be thriving (for us!) financially during these hard economic times. We've slowly built our credit back up, too, although we don't use it that much…I just felt it was time to thank you guys again for ALL you did for us, & to wish you both happiness & prosperity in your lives.

Ft Collins – Sherilynn

Thanks. Its wonderful, priceless, etc. to receive reliable information to rebuild my life

Greeley-Mark & Susan

. . . Susan and I thank-you for your advice, and we certainly appreciate it. We have purchased 2 vehicles for our needs, paid with cash. Put some personal issues to rest and are ready to make a new start.

Lakewood – Chris & Tiffany

We also did not know anything about the mortgage. Jim walked us through the process with simple and straight talk. He was able to thoroughly explain any question in layman's terms so we clearly knew the process. This made us feel very aware and in control of what was going on. Coupling that with a quick closing made the experience the least painful as I could imagine.

Loveland – Dan

Thanks again Jim, we would have been able to get the house we really wanted if I had come to you in the first place. I won't make that mistake again.

Mountain Resort –Dick & Anne
. . . I never thought I would be dealing with something like we are dealing with and you have been an extremely helpful resource. THANKS!